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Guide to Vietnam visa extension

Updated: No overstay fines is applied if you enter Vietnam after 01 Mar, 2020

🎉🎉🎉For overstay case, If you enter Vietnam from 01 Mar, 2020, you will not need to pay the overstay fines fee. In case you enter Vietnam before 01 Mar, 2020.⁉️How to reduce or be free for overstay fines fee? 👉👉👉Please contact your embassy/consulate. Ask them for the official notes. This note should be in bilingual, ...
Guide to Vietnam visa extension

How to extend Vietnam visa directly with the Vietnam Immigration Department?

This instruction is just applied for foreigners who entered Vietnam on visa waiver or tourist embassy visa, tourist visa on arrival and tourist electronic visa (Vietnam e-visa) Normally, to extend your Vietnam Visa, you must have a sponsorship company. This company must be international travel company. They will take all responsibilities in case you do ...